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Our Process

At SGO, we want every one of our customers to be 100% delighted with their decorative glass piece. Your experience with our studio should be pleasant from concept through installation and the end-result needs to be not only aesthetically appealing to you, but crafted to the highest level of quality.

To achieve this we have developed a process that assures clear communication about your project and design and a consistent approach to fabrication, assembly and installation.

Initial Project Consultation (~45 minutes)
  1. A project consultant meets with you in your home or jobsite.
  2. We go through our standard 10-minute presentation to introduce you to the world of decorative glass and our company.
  3. We measure the job, take photos and assess options for installation.
  4. We discuss your ideas for the project with you and determine:
    • Which of our products will best accommodate your ideas/budget
    • Complexity of the project, based on your ideas
    • Preliminary discussion of the design
    • Proposed installation
  5. We prepare a written project proposal with estimated costs and project schedule. If the job is small and uncomplicated the proposal will be provided during the consultation, otherwise we will prepare the proposal afterwards and either mail, fax or email it to you.
  6. If you are in agreement with our proposal, we require a 40% deposit to begin the Design. This covers the design fee and materials.
    In the event that you should decide to cancel your order prior to design work beginning, the deposit is 100% refundable. If you cancel after/during the design, your deposit will be refunded except for $75. Deposits are not refundable once materials have been ordered as we incur a cost at that time that we cannot recoup from our vendors.
  7. Your project is scheduled and the design work begins.
Design Consultation (~1 week - except commissioned artwork)
  1. The Design department reviews your project with the Project Consultant and assigns a Design Consultant to create your design. He/she will contact you to further discuss your ideas. You may be asked to email or mail any pictures you feel reflect your ideas. An example might be your family's coat of arms.
  2. The Design Consultant may request to schedule a job-site appointment to make templates if unusual glass cuts are required.
  3. The Design Consultant develops your design using our specialized CAD tools. The design is sized to fit the dimensions of your project and initial colors/textures/bevels and lead selections added based on the preliminary discussion.
  4. The Design Consultant may send the design to you via email during the draft stage to get your input on various design elements.
  5. When the design draft is complete, the Design Consultant contacts you to schedule a design review in one of our studios. During the design review, you will see the full-size line drawing template, look at the actual colors on a light-table, finalize color/texture/lead/bevel selections, and approve the design. The design review typically requires about an hour.
  6. Upon approval, your project moves into the production queue.
  1. All materials are ordered.
  2. Your project is scheduled for fabrication by our skilled crafts-persons.
  3. Your decorative glass is fabricated, cleaned, inspected and prepared for either assembly or installation.
    If your project requires insulation, framing or assembly into a new fixture that will be installed later (either by us or your contractor), these services are scheduled to begin upon completion of fabrication. Since framing is a custom process that may require several weeks, the production of the frame begins when the glass for the project is received. Actual assembly of the decorative glass in the frame is done upon completion of fabrication.
    And last but not least, by any means, we provide services to deliver and install your finished piece into the fixture which will become it's home. You can learn more about our services by clicking here.
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